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Portfolio Update

November 01, 2022

With the crazy rollercoaster ride in the markets, Matt and I wanted to share some changes we’ve made to the portfolios. Before diving in, please remember volatility is completely normal and healthy in a dynamic economy, even if it is unsettling. Rest assured, Matt and I are continuing to proactively monitor your accounts and adjust to new information.

Currently, we maintain two main portfolio series: Core and Tactical. The Core series follows a “stay invested” philosophy that works to minimize potential losses through asset selection. The Tactical series allows for more flexibility in asset allocation. Depending on market conditions, the portfolio could be invested in a large portion of cash to better protect your money at the cost of some potential upside. Within these broad themes, we’re always working to improve portfolios through periodic changes. Let’s look at the changes this quarter.

Tyo Core:

Within Tyo Core, we switched our passive sleeve to in-house management. We’ll still leverage research from our investment partners, but by managing this directly we have access to a broader range of investment options. Considering that this change will also allow us to adjust quicker, streamline the portfolios, and improve cost savings, we feel this is a big win for clients in our most popular portfolio series.

Tyo Tactical:

The Tactical series saw bigger changes compared to Core. The chief goal for the Tactical series is protecting the downside. To do this, we’re now using two different approaches to risk management within each portfolio, prompting us to rename this series TeamTyo Defensive. This should give better consistency in protecting against downside risk. Since this series deviates the most from what people might be familiar with, we’re going to give this a deep dive in a future Portfolio Update.

I hope this provides insight into the changes Matt and I are making. If you have any questions about any changes or on the market, please contact Matt or me. But in the meantime, I hope everyone has a great holiday season!