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Investment Advisory Services

For the Investor Who Doesn't Want to Call Every Shot

Not everyone wants to be their own personal investor. Investment Advisory Services allow you to delegate the day to day management of your investment portfolio to Matthew Tyo, RICP® and his skilled team of strategic partners. For  an annual percentage of the assets being managed, you can rest assured that trained eyes are watching your money each day with your best interest at heart.

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Base Advisor Fee Schedule

Note: This only represents the base Advisor Fee. Additional fees and/or discounts to this rate may apply. Be sure to read your personal Advisory Contract carefully and understand all fees being charged.


Asset Level

Advisor Fee

Up to $249,999








Above $3,000,000



Additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for purchase of individual stocks, bonds and through service fees (12b-1) for mutual fund transactions. Fees, charges and expenses are detailed in the Cetera Investment Advisers LLC's ADV Part 2A.