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Work, Fun, & Balance

November 19, 2021
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“Do what you love”

“Pursue your passions”

“If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life”

I’ve always disliked sayings like these. Whenever I hear them the flinty New Englander in me responds,” Oh yeah? Well, if I spent all my days chasing butterflies and counting daisies how would I have a roof to sleep under and food for my stomach?” Of course, that’s not a very productive response. But it does hit at the heart of what I think the above “advice” misses: That at the end of the day, life involves doing a great many things that aren’t particularly enjoyable.

Now, before you report me for being a blue meanie, let me explain a bit more fully how I view the balancing act between work and play, fun and necessity. I believe having fun in life is essential, and I further believe that a life without a passion to pursue is an empty one. However, there must be a balance between what we need to do to survive and those things in life that make us happy.

Furthermore, the above “advice” seems to imply that doing what you love, or pursuing passions are the only way to live a good life. Or more directly, the only way to life satisfaction. But as anyone who has weeded a garden bed, dug a hole, or built something can tell you, there is a great deal of satisfaction in doing some work, even if hole digging isn’t something to be loved or passionately pursued. If I had to put this thinking into a piece of advice I’d say, “Life will take work, so make sure it’s something that brings you satisfaction. Life is boring without fun and passion, so make sure you do something to animate your spirit.”

Sadly, that piece of advice doesn’t really fit on a bumper sticker or one of those meme posts on social media. But I think it says precisely what it means to. It lets you know that a life of only work or only play is folly. It also let’s you know it’s all about the balance and making sure your daily toil is one that at least brings satisfaction, even if it probably won’t bring rapturous joy.

So, if you’d like to talk more about work, fun, and balance, contact me. And in the meantime, what advice would you give about work and fun if someone asked you?